Parking Garage

811 Main has a 10-level, above ground, unreserved / visitor Parking Garage, enterable off of Fannin Street. In addition, 811 Main has a 2-level, below ground, reserved Parking Garage, enterable off of Walker Street.

Visitor Parking Rates are as follows (credit cards & validations ONLY – NO CASH ACCEPTED):

Daily Maximum:


Lost Ticket Fee:


Time (in minutes)








1 hour






2 hours






3 hours



Over 3 hours

Tenants may purchase validations though the Property Management Office at 832.390.3450 or

After-hours & Weekend Parking:

  • No visitor parking or after-hours parking available. Contract parkers have access to the garage 24/7 using their tag.
  • All visitors or non-contract employees that need to enter the garage after-hours or on weekends must notify their Tenant Contact so they can inform the Parking Manager. Security will give those parkers access to the garage, but they must pull a ticket and pay / validate at the posted rates. No after-hours or weekend rates are available. These visitors need to be added to the building after-hours parking list. Please provide the following information so they can be added to the after-hours building parking list:
    • The name / names of the visiting parker(s).
    • Where the parker(s) will be going to in the building (specify the name of the company and the floor that they will need access to).
    • Specify the time the parker(s) will need to enter and exit.
    • Specify if the parker(s) will be here for an event and with what company.

Additionally, 811 Main offers a locked bicycle storage area on level B1 of the parking garage.

For questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Property Management Office at 832.390.3450 or

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